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Our Full Noise Fitters are the go-to guys for repair and maintenance of heavy earthmoving machinery, fixed plant and farm equipment. Trucks, loaders, excavators, dozers, backhoes, forklifts, graders, scrapers, cranes, generators, tractors – anything that runs our fitters can fix or maintain!
From scheduled servicing and breakdowns to component change outs and rebuilds we can do it all. Here are some other services provided.

  • Hydraulic repairs
  • Electrical repairs
  • Rock breaker repairs
  • Machine assembly and disassembly
  • Undercarriage repairs and maintenance
  • Driveline repairs and maintenance
  • Steel shear repairs
  • Concrete pulverize repairs
  • Jaw and cone crusher maintenance mobile and fixed units
  • Mobile and fixed plant screens
  • Fixed and mobile conveyor systems repairs

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Our guys are in fully equipped utes so they’re prepared to jump straight in and get working when they arrive on your site.


Full Noise Fitters are available for short or long-term jobs at competitive rates. We are available for night shifts to help keep your site running all year round.

Don’t see what you need? Call us 0488 191 945! We have the skills and experience to tailor a solution for you.

Recent Jobs

Machine assembly
PC300 Excavator

Hydraulic cylinder reseal on pc300 excavator.

truck Machine assembly and disassembly
TYM Tractor Service and Repairs

Replaced clutch, flywheel, pressure plate etc. Also replaced fuel tank and carried out service.

Terex 56 Roller Cone

Assembled and fitted a new bonnet assembly to existing crusher.

Jacques 4236 Flywheels
Jacques 4236 Flywheels

Replacing flywheels on a Jacques 4236 jaw crusher.

CAT 980H Electrical
CAT 980H Electrical

Main chassis and engine harness replacement.

CAT 972H
CAT 972H

Stripped machine ready for line boring, all pins and bushes replaced. Rims removed for scheduled testing.

CAT 988H
CAT 988H

Centre hitch rebuild, reseal steering cylinders, and rebush rear trunnion.

CAT 772F
CAT 772F

CAT 772F brake pack reseal and replacement of steering ballstuds.

Choose the Right Diesel Mechanic in Brisbane for Heavy Work Sites

Knowing an experienced diesel mechanic in Brisbane is essential for reducing downtime and keeping projects on track towards completion. Whether a heavy-duty engine gives out in the middle of a crucial task or the hydraulic system begins to fail, you must reach out for service as soon as possible. Where can you turn for a fast response from experienced hands capable of carrying out the mining or earthmoving equipment repair you need in Brisbane? At Full Noise Maintenance, we offer 10+ years of experience to our clients, we’re always ready to step in and help.

Common Mistakes People Make with Heavy Machinery Repair

Before you take any action, it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of the “dos and don’ts” of ordering maintenance on mission-critical equipment. Avoiding the typical mistakes made by those with less experience or under high pressure to perform ensures you make the right decisions for swifter results. Some of the most typical examples of mistakes we’ve seen in our years on the job include a few of the following errors.

  • Pushing equipment past known maintenance milestones due to time constraints or a push for more production. While there are often business pressures to consider, the safety implications of working with equipment out of its service window should be enough to set those pressures aside for a few hours. Avoid unnecessary risk with timely maintenance. 
  • Spending money on “ad hoc” repairs rather than looking for assurances of a job done correctly the first time. While this may seem like a simple way to save early on in a project, repeated failures will drive up the costs of repairs and delays alike. 
  • Failing to follow through to learn why equipment failed and how to prevent further incidents in the future. At times, operator error or site conditions may cause heavy machinery to fail prematurely. It is always worth investigating the causes of failures, especially recurring problems. 

The Benefits of Diesel Engine Service from Full Noise Maintenance

Understanding what not to do may be important, but so too is finding a service provider that creates trust and provides value to your business operations. Why should you opt to bring in a team from Full Noise Maintenance when your crusher stops working, or when an earthmover develops sticky hydraulics? There are several key benefits to understand the service we provide. 

  • Our experience. After starting out in 2010 we’ve developed excellent skills in repairing all kinds of heavy diesel equipment. From trucks to cranes, we service them all with a high degree of confidence. 
  • Our broad range of capabilities, from basic repairs to total rebuilds. When you encounter a severe failure, replacing the entire unit may not be economically feasible. With our skills on hand, you may extend the life of equipment further and continue doing your job well. 
  • Our availability and flexible schedules. We know that every job site is different, and avoiding disruptions to the daily workflows you oversee is our goal. Whenever and wherever you require our help, we’re happy to make arrangements to be there.

Problems Addressed by Diesel Maintenance from Our Team

We’re proud of the perks our services provide for our clients, but we’re also proud of the broad capabilities we have as a heavy diesel fitter. What are some of the common issues we’re adept at solving? From what’s under the hood to everything else that keeps your equipment on the job, you’ll quickly find that Full Noise Maintenance does it all — and at the right price, too. Some of the common breakdowns and issues we repair on-site for our clients include:

  • Damaged undercarriages and drivelines. When rugged terrain does a number on your equipment, it’s often the delicate underside that takes the brunt of the damage. We’ll assess the impact, determine what changes to make, and carry out swift mining equipment repair in Brisbane to put you back on the trail as soon as possible. 
  • Hydraulic failures including total loss of pressure or failure to maintain pressure. Excavators, backhoes, and other earthmoving hardware all rely on refined hydraulic systems to provide their primary functionalities. When these systems fail, we step in to set them right again. 
  • Fouled engines and equipment that won’t start or runs very rough. Basic engine maintenance is a must-do over time regardless of where you work. Our technicians get their hands dirty to keep your motors running clean and easy with faster crusher repairs.

Ultimately, this is only a scratch on the surface of the capabilities we bring to every job site we visit. Even when you are not sure what the exact nature of the problem is, we’re skilled at mechanical diagnostics. Together, we’ll get to the bottom of the issue, provide a resolution, and put you back to work sooner rather than later. 

What You Can Expect From Us As Your Heavy Diesel Mechanic

Want to know more about the process and experience of using Full Noise Maintenance as a service provider on your job site? We’re happy to explain the procedure we use along with the efforts we make to create the most productive working environment possible. When you choose to bring our team to your work site, you can anticipate the following:

  • On-time arrivals and an immediate commencement of the work you’ve requested. As a mobile service, punctuality is a hallmark of our capabilities. When we say we’ll be there at a certain time, you can trust we’ll show up with our fully-equipped utes, ready to work. 
  • A high degree of attention to detail and commitment to quality results. We never cut corners or implement half-done fixes — why should you have to call for our help twice for the same problem? We focus on solutions.
  • Work that proceeds quickly and stays on budget, keeping your expenses within the quote envelope for less stressful operations. Our team co-ordinates closely with yours to create a clear understanding of any necessary investments. 

Key Questions to Ask Full Noise Maintenance About Diesel Engine Servicing

Although we’ve tried to develop a thorough guide to our service, there are often some questions our potential clients still want to explore before committing to a visit. We understand, and we’re here to provide answers. What are some of the most important questions you should consider discussing with our team when you contact us for help?

  • Can you tailor your services to ensure that we lose as few working hours as possible due to equipment downtime? Yes, we can. Working the night shift is no problem for our crews. When your morning team comes in, they’ll find repaired equipment ready for action. 
  • How often should we have regular servicing of all our diesel equipment carried out by professionals? This depends on the type of equipment you have. Tell us what you’re running on your job sites and when they last had a service. We’ll provide important insights for your next steps. 
  • Is there anything specific to the equipment we operate that we should know about maintaining or replacing? Some units have special requirements or rigorous logbook maintenance milestones to remember. Let us know if you have any concerns relating to these items.

About Full Noise Maintenance

Founded in 2010, Full Noise Maintenance is an Australian-owned and operated provider of crusher maintenance, hydraulic repairs, and more. We don’t work only as diesel fitters in Brisbane, either — we’re happy to show up nationwide to provide experienced repair and fabrication assistance you require. With highly skilled boilermakers on our staff, we do heavy-duty equipment repairs common to industrial applications, mining sites, and more. Find out how to take full advantage of our mobile capabilities today. Contact us at your convenience to arrange for service.